Major League Hacking 2021 Hackathon Season

Bringing together individuals, businesses and educational institutions for a three day online event to find solutions to challenges for the agriculture, horticulture and ecotourism sectors

Elementary (gr.7-8) & Secondary Prizes

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Third Place

Post-Secondary & Professional

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A hackathon is an event that fosters innovation and collaboration with the goal of expanding technology development. An AgriTech Hackathon is an event that identifies current challenges in the agricultural industry and for which tech solutions are proposed. Over a 48 hour period, multiple teams are asked to HACK probable solutions to a series of given challenges for the agriculture, horticulture and eco-tourism sectors.

The AgriTech Hackathon is designed to not only help solve problems, but enable a connection and conversation between our rural and urban communities.

Who Are We Looking For?


Individuals or teams of 4 with knowledge, skills or an interest in: hardware & software engineering, computer science, agriculture, horticulture or ecotourism.


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AgriTech Hackathon Challenges

Help solve problems and enable connections and conversations between our rural and urban communities.

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Soil Erosion & Depletion

Diseases & Pests


Ecotourism & Sustainability

Production & Environment

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Pre-Hack Mini-Hack (New for 2020)

For all who pre-registered and subsequently registered for the 2020 AgriTech Hackathon, an added BONUS was included – an extra month long mini-hack for more cash prizes!

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What Past Partners & Participants Have to Say

“Speakers are making this event so enjoyable.. everyone seems full of energy”

Shahriar Rahman Shaon – 2020 participant

“It was a wonderful weekend working on our projects from people all over the world.”

Balasubramaniam – 2020 participant

“I will forever remember this experience and the amazing people I got to meet. Thank you!!!”


Emanuelle Atsain – 2019 Participant

“I found the organization of the event to be excellent. The students were highly enthusiastic and interacted as groups in an exceptional manner.”

Dr. George Lazarovits, 2019 Mentor and Panelist

Introducing Our 2020 Keynote Speakers

Amy J. Bowen, PhD, Director of Consumer Insights
Vineland Research and Innovation Centre

Dr. Amy Bowen is the Director of Consumer Insights at Vineland Research and Innovation Centre. She oversees the operation of Vineland’s trained sensory and consumer research panels to understand the drivers that impact consumer preference and choice for horticultural products. Amy leads a team of researchers to create value-added results to inform breeding program selections, brand development, new variety introductions, and commercialization.

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Debbie Zimmerman, Chief Executive Officer
Grape Growers of Ontario

Debbie Zimmerman is the Chief Executive Officer of the Grape Growers of Ontario (GGO) since 2003. The GGO is the official organization that represents over 500 actively producing growers of 17,000 acres in the province’s three viticulture areas: Niagara Peninsula, Lake Erie North Shore and Prince Edward County.

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Mary Hayes, M.Ed. CEO
Engage Learning Systems/Workbay LLC

Over 30 years of experience in workforce development educational publishing, teaching, and developing multimedia educational content for industry and government. Her Engage Learning Systems has offered training to over 30 Fortune 500 companies, shared in 6 languages in 45 countries across the world. Her unique Workbay platform allows jobseekers to attain, promote and retain their professional credentials and allows community EcDev agencies to support investment in training and connect people without jobs/ jobs without people.

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Check out the 2020 Panel Discussions

Matt Giffin
Founder Bench Brewing

Sarah Rotz
Assistant Professor, York University Faculty of Environmental and Urban Change

Rodney Bierhuizen
Owner Sunrise Greenhouses

David Robitaille
COO Spark Niagara

Mary Hayes
CEO Workbay LLC & Engage Learning Systems

Brad May
Adjunct Professor Environmental Sustainability Research Centre Brock University

Chef Mark Picone
Chef Professor, Niagara College & Owner, Mark Picone Culinary Studio

David Robitaille
COO Spark Niagara

Are YOU Ready to Solve Challenges for OUR Agriculture and Eco-tourism sectors?

Help solve problems and enable connections and conversations between our rural and urban communities.

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